Classic Hits that stand the test of time......
  I recently took a vacation to Myrtle Beach. I took in a minor league baseball game and I got to thinking...all the songs that get the crowd pumped up are Classic Hits!! 
  I heard the mother of all stadium anthems: "We Will Rock You" from Queen. People from 8 to 80 where stomping their feet and clapping their hands.
   Next came "Welcome to the Jungle" from Guns N Roses. A song that instantly puts the crowd in a frenzy.
   Still more from AC/DC..."Thunderstruck" , "Black Betty" from Ram Jam, "The Final Countdown" from Europe and "Rock You Like a Hurricane" from the Scorpions.
    These Classic Hits are timeless and will be played at sporting evens for as long as they have P.A. systems!! Next time you go to a sporting event,  keep track of the songs they play. Chances are we play them right here on Classic Hits Z93!!